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Co-host and Producer


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Cameron always felt different. As a child, he grew up thinking his “different’ was really “special.” Though he never fit in with the “cool” kids, he managed to find a group of friends that favored creativity over drugs and alcohol. Because of this, Cameron was a “late bloomer,” having ventured into what would ultimately lead to his addiction in his mid 20’s. By his early 30’s Cameron was addicted to pain medication and a daily drinker. Having pushed away every one in his life who was a positive influence, it wasn’t until a suicidal moment led to an intervention that would ultimately start him down the road of what would be a long recovery process. After finally accepting his condition and realizing he wasn’t “special”, he began doing the hard work necessary to make lasting change.

After some sober time, Cameron went on to work towards a career in the film industry, leaving behind a long-term, stable job that kept him miserable. He has taken his knowledge in the industry and combined it with his experience in recovery and brought it to the podcast.

Most recently, Cameron talks about his struggle with compulsive overeating and having a healthy relationship with food, having gained considerable weight in a years time. He shares openly as he battles through binges and obsessing over food.

Willy was born in Evanston, Wyoming where he grew up as the youngest of four. His parents, both hard working American middle-class provided what most would call a normal childhood. Despite all sincere attempts to direct him in a positive manner Willy tended to find himself in trouble more often than not and this led to a very early start to gang activity and drug use. By age 13 he was a daily drug user landing himself in juvenile hall. By age 16 a daily meth user and between ages 15-24 was arrested 18 times with a prison term over his head. He entered a drug treatment program that planted the seed for the person he is now. Willy has struggled most of his life with all imaginable vices. From heavy drugs to food and sex.

Today he has taken all his struggles and pain to create a message of hope and healing to all people who struggle and deal with any type of addiction. He is a proud father of three children who to this day have never seen the darker side of Dad. He is a successful business owner and well-respected member of his community in Utah where he and his long-time partner have made their home. Willy is an inspiring mentor and leader with the ability to really get people to find hope and worth in themselves. As a co-host of The Other Side of Hell Podcast, Willy has a heartfelt and amazingly delivered message that seems to relate to anyone anywhere with humor and compassion. Willy is a gifted speaker who is sure to inspire all who listen.

Being raised in a family with a handful of musicians, Jordan took to arts and entertainment from day one. Learning to play multiple instruments, and compose original material. He played multiple roles through out school as an actor in community theaters, as well as high school productions. Also learning set design and lighting for those productions. Over the years Jordan has maintained and fed his passion for creative arts as a working musician, sound engineer, and videographer. With an open mind, and technical background he helps run the behind the scenes action operating cameras, metering audio recordings, and mixing and mastering the audio tracks you hear for The Other Side Of Hell podcast.

Jordan has his own story with drugs and alcohol. After a considerable amount of sobriety he found himself once again using alcohol to distract him from progressing towards his goals. Now, fully committed to being the highest version of himself, he no longer allows alcohol to detour his path.

Often, Jordan chimes in with bombs of wisdom from the sidelines of the show.